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EMEA Surgical Catalog

Weck EMEA Surgical Catalog

Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care and surgery. Our product portfolio combines the strengths of our distinguished brands and provides surgeons a comprehensive selection of Weck polymer and metal ligation solutions, skin staplers, and Weck Vista®, a full line of bladeless laparoscopic access ports including optical entry and best in class balloons. 

Most recently, Teleflex has introduced a novel technology with the Weck EFx™ Endo Fascial Closure System, designed to minimize complications and costs associated with post-operative port-site herniation by providing reproducible, uniform closure. Teleflex surgical products deliver confidence, clarity and control to meet clinical needs from open to close.


  • Weck Vista® Bladeless Laparoscopic Access Ports
  • Taut® Cholangiography

Ligation Systems

  • Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligation System
  • Horizon™ Metal Ligation System
  • Hemoclip® Metal Ligation System


  • WECK EFx™ Endo Fascial Closure System
  • Visistat® Skin Staplers

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